HR plays a key role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture of Izoplast Hitech Panel. Pay, performance management, training and development, recruitment and onboarding and reinforcing the values of Izoplast business are all essential elements of Izoplast’s business culture. Izoplast provides an equal employment opportunity and has a fair corporate vision conveyed at all levels:

  • 1. Strategic Management

    Top Management has a profound technical know-how and experience, and is directly involved in current staffing assessments and projections for future workforce needs based on business growth.
  • 2. Wages and Salaries

    Izoplast has a realistic compensation structure that set company wages competitive with other businesses in the area, in the same industry or companies competing for employees with similar skills.
  • 3. Safety and Risk Management

    Izoplast does its best to provide safe working conditions. Workplace safety and risk management consultants manage compliance with The Turkish Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. Workplace safety training specialists also engage employees in promoting awareness and safe handling of equipment and raw materials.
  • 4. Training and Development

    Top Management and Production Chief Operators are engaged in coordinating new employee orientation, an essential step in forging a strong employer-employee relationship.
  • 5. Employee Satisfaction

    Izoplast continuously innovates its approach to personnel management as the business volume grows. Mutually we all help the organization achieve high performance, morale and satisfaction levels throughout the workforce, by creating ways to strengthen the employer-employee relationship.
  • 6. Recruitment and Onboarding

    Izoplast Management encourages non-experienced candidates to apply for a job at Izoplast. Dedication, commitment and continuous learning and productivity represent a priority for Izoplast. Top Management screens resumes and schedules interviews with the candidates, followed by hiring process.
  • 7. Maintaining Compliance

    Izoplast complies with The Turkish employment laws. Hired personnel are requested to complete the necessary paperwork for documenting their elligibility.

Please provide your Résumé in your mother tongue language by email to the following adress:
All applications would be treated in strict confidentiality.

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