CEO's Message

CEO's Message

CEO's Message

We are proud to unveil herewith our sincere values and expertise in the development of our range of PVC roof cladding products in response to the growing  demand  for lighter, more durable and easy to fix alternatives to  the various traditional roofing products available in the world today.

Thanks to the invention of ASA material, a highly resistant acrylic polymer , we are able to move forward with a robust combination of PVC and ASA materials, to gather tile forms and/or corrugated sheet forms  into  a modular, versatile,  do it yourself method for an easy & speedy installation.

The İZOTİLE  roofing range is the answer today for almost any type of shelter that needs a durable, economical and a simple, yet reliable roof covering system.

Today’s world is fairly dynamic and is on a constant quest for more innovative, practical and economical solutions to answer the global growing need for construction and roof cladding materials.

With İZOTİLE, we just try to meet this demand by providing the solutions for the ‘’do it yourself’’ market segment and as an alternative solution to the traditional roof cladding materials in general.

With our four layers co-extrusion technology, we are confident that we will meet the high requirements of consumers, contractors and distributors all over the world, to help them achieve impeccable results with our premium roofing products that can last for a lifetime.

We are always very pleased to join hands with our partners and provide them a continuous support in this mutual venture.

Thank you.

Imad Abiad
Managing Director
October 2022