THE IZOTILE DIFFERENCELifetime Maintenance-Free

Izoplast PVC-ASA Roof sheet is protected with ASA. Acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer (ASA) is a thermoplastic THERMOPLASTIC ACRYLIC POLYMER. This type of copolymer has excellent resistance to UV irradiation, heat, moisture, and stress cracking and probably has the best weathering resistance of all ACRYLIC POLYMERS.

Advantages of Izotile

Izotile is UL94 classified Class B and has fire retardant properites. It Cannot ignite by flame sources.

Izotile is soundproof  due to its  multi-layer compound and acrylic coating.

Izotile has High tensile strength: no breaks, no cracks. Can sustain heavy weights and impacts without deformation.

Izotile protects from extreme sun heat and cold temperatures. PVC-ASA Polymer is an excellent insulation material.

Izotile is Lightweight, it is 10 times lighter than the traditional clay tiles.

Izotile is waterproof,  stormproof and is an excellent moisture and water repellant.

Izotile is resistant to chemicals, anti-corrosive, does not oxidize and is very convenient for coastal atmospheric locations and for farms with high acidic gases.

Izotile is Highly Ultra Violet rays resistant (UV) and has anti-UV Properties due to Acrylic ASA surface coat.

Izotile is Resistant to harsh atmospheric conditions, extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Izotile is Environment friendly and is recyclable.

  • Izotile is highly resistant to strong winds, blizzards, heavy snow fall, heavy rain, oversized hale falls and earthquakes.
  • Izotile does not deform as corrugated metal sheets and bitumen sheets do.


  • Izotile does not break or crack as stone, ceramic, cement or clay tiles do.